It's Time to Get to the Root of Your

Gut & Hormone Issues For Good

Have you struggled with constipation for so long and nothing works? Or you are dependent on laxatives, fiber supplements, or caffeine to keep things moving?

Have you been diagnosed with SIBO, candida, H, Pylori and treated it only to have it come right back afterward?

Maybe your gut issues are more mild. You have chronic heartburn or acid reflux and are always taking Tums or probiotics to keep it at bay. Or you've limited your food choices to prevent it from happening at all.

Maybe your gut is fine but your periods are debilitating each month or you've had gallbladder issues or horrible allergies or chronic anxiety and mood swings.

Guess what? These are all struggles that can be address, treated, and fixed FOR GOOD.


If you want to ditch the ongoing GI issues, lose the weight, and feel good in your own body again, this is how you do it.

You may know that you need to eat enough nutrients to support your health, but you're still not feeling better.

The GI symptoms are still there, the weight won't budge, and your doctor has no more answers for you.

This is because your body needs to be able to actually break down, transport, and USE the nutrients from your food well.

That involves looking at digestion, detoxification, and elimination. AKA everything in the top down process of the GI system.

Supporting the gut and liver allows cells to get the nutrients they need, paving the way for the nervous system to regulate, so you can lower your cortisol levels, increasing your metabolism, and ditch the GI symptoms for good.

How does CULTIVATE work?

You may be thinking you just need to suck it up and live with your chronic bloating or constipation or food intolerances.

You may be thinking you just need to give up gluten or dairy or soy or sugar and that will solve everything.

It's not that you're doomed to feel this way, popping pills and avoiding social situations and food groups.

It's that you need a new approach of how to look at your digestive issues. One that is comprehensive and takes everything into account, mind and body.

This is how you:

  • have pain free, actually normal periods
  • clear up your skin rashes
  • reduce your anxiety
  • say goodbye to mom rage
  • finally start to lose the stubborn weight you feel you're just stuck with
  • go out to eat and enjoy whatever you want off the menu
  • say yes to whatever social situations you want without worry about how your body will hold up
  • chase your race goals without wasting time on bathroom stops

Yes, all of this comes back to the the gut!

Cultivating Blood Sugar Balance

A healthy gut microbiome starts with what we feed it! And this doesn't mean cutting carbs, gluten, or dairy to find symptom relief.

Cultivating Optimal Digestion

Digestion is a top down process that starts all the way up in our brain when we first see and smell our food. A breakdown in any part of this process can lead to problems in the rest of the system.

Cultivating an Environment for Detoxification

What happens in our gut also affects our liver. Here is where we look at supporting lasting relief so the problems don't come back.

Who is CULTIVATE for?

This is for you if:

You're experiencing ongoing gut symptoms despite trying all conventional treatments.

You're a runner who can't plan a run or race without knowing all the possible bathroom stops.

You are a mom with periods that make you clear your schedule and lie on the couch while your kids destroy the house.

You struggle with weight gain or weight loss resistance despite doing all the right things to manage your health.

You're struggling with long term chronic GI issues and have felt that it is something that you just have to suffer through and mange (because you don't!)


Because this is where you get a plan for exactly HOW to eat to heal your body so you can not let the stress over what to eat cause more problems than the stress of the food itself.

This is where you figure out where in the digestion process your body is stuck so you can target your healing efforts effectively and actually feel better.

This is where you find out what led to the symptoms in the first place so you can make shifts to keep it from coming back, leading to true, lasting relief and healing.

Clients that have gone through CULTIVATE have:

  • gone from chronic constipation to daily elimination
  • cleared up hormonal acne
  • ditched PMS and regulated their cycles
  • healed candida without restrictive diets
  • gained energy to play with their kids
  • gone from bloated and unable to eat meat to eating steak and chicken with ease
  • had steady, easy weight loss
  • been able to run a marathon without crapping their pants
  • gone off anti anxiety medication
  • reduced IBD flares
Client Win

Less anxiety & more energy

Client Win

Fast digestive relief

Client Win

Clear skin & improved nutrient absorption

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Hi, I'm Stephanie

In working with clients, I've found that regardless of what the struggles, symptoms, or concerns are, at the root is a deep rooted sense of stress on the body.

One of the biggest physical sources of stress is in the gut. When there is gut dysfunction from nutrient deficiencies, an overgrowth of pathogens or a breakdown in the protective barrier that keeps us healthy, the cascade of effects results in inflammation and reduced cellular function. AKA stress! We have to clear out what has gotten in, strengthen that healthy barrier system, and reduce the amount of toxins that try to get in. This involves supportive nourishment, targeted testing and action, and tailored lifestyle changes.

This is how we Cultivate the gut, address the physical root cause of illness, and allow the body to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include testing?

Yes! The Cultivate Bundle includes a GI MAP stool test and custom protocol. Upon purchase of the bundle, you will receive further instructions on how to get your test sent to you.

Does this include coaching?

No it does not. For coaching access alongside these modules and testing, you can apply for 1:1 VIP coaching.

How long do I have access to this bundle?

You get lifetime access to the content modules. The GI MAP testing has a 3 month time frame to complete upon purchase. If you need an extension on this, please contact us at and let us know!

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.

Can I get a credit on this if I upgrade to Fuel Your Best Life?

Absolutely! Send us a message at and we'll send a coupon credit your way to apply to your Fuel Your Best Life purchase (excluding testing costs).

Why does this cost so much more than your other programs?

CULTIVATE includes GI MAP stool testing, which costs hundreds of dollars to order from the lab. There is no upselling of labs here. You get the cost the lab charges. All programs that include testing will vary in cost due to the nature of the included tests. Programs without any testing will naturally cost less as a result.

Program Content

  TESTING: GI MAP stool testing
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  CULTIVATE: Healing Inflammation with the Power of Food
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  CULTIVATE: Restoring the Gut Microbiome
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  CULTIVATE: Environmental Toxins & Detoxification
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  BONUS! GI Masterclasses
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