Fuel Your Best Life

Fuel Your Best Life

Are you ready to get rid of the exhaustion, the diet noise, the constant looking for the next best thing to solve your health concerns or reach your goals?

Are you ready to confidently nourish your body, repair your gut, manage your stress, support your hormones, and have lasting energy for not just chasing your fitness pursuits but to live your live fully and vibrantly?

Are you ready for a life that is full of joy and fun and not draining and heavy?

It's time to get to the root cause of your health concerns and symptoms and heal not just your body but your entire self, mind, body, and spirit.

Are you ready to ditch the exhaustion and feel energized and vibrant in your life?

Our bodies speak to us through symptoms. Instead of covering them up with medication or ignoring them by pushing through, why not get curious and address what the body is trying to say to us?

You think your gut is inflamed because you ate something you're intolerant to.

You think your periods are awful because it's genetic and part of life.

You think your iron deficiency has to be solved with iron supplements that make you nauseous.

You think your weight gain can only be resolved with a fat loss prescription.

But none of these things addresses the ROOT of the problem.

What if you could heal your gut inflammation without cutting out favorite foods?

What if you could have pain free periods without going on the pill?

What if you could resolve your iron imbalances without taking something that makes you feel sick?

What if you could feel confident in your body without a medication riddled with side effects?

Imagine waking up for the morning ready to take on your day, navigate whatever challenges are thrown at you with ease, being able to enjoy the items on your to do list and the meals you eat without anxiety over what it may do to your body.

Imagine being able to run and chase your fitness goals with ease, knowing your body is fueled, rested, and restored sufficiently to handle the added stress load being put in it to chase those goals.

In order to get to a life that is full of joy and vibrancy, we need to go back to the foundation, the roots.

We first have to revive the soil, cultivate and prepare the body for growth, nourish and grow new habits, and then bloom into a season of beauty and healing.

Then we will see not just change and healing, but long lasting growth and refreshment because we've addressed the root cause, pulled out the weeds, and tended the soil well.

How does Fuel Your Best Life work?

Are you ready to find out what could happen if you stopped settling for good enough and actually chased whole person health?

Could you actually wake up feeling refreshed and energized?

Could you actually enjoy moving your body again?

Could you actually reach that race goal?

Could you get through your day without worrying about what you eat and how it will make you feel?

Could you actually live free and alive?

This is the starting point.

Healing starts with:

  • Helping the body feel safe enough to heal
  • Exploring internal causes behind nagging symptoms and supporting the gut microbiome
  • Digging into the true root of the issue through stress and mindset work
  • Troubleshoot the nagging hormone and energy imbalances so we can boldly chase goals

There is an order for a reason.

Each step gives us the tools we need to successfully accomplish the next one.

You cannot balance your hormones without first healing your liver and gut.

You cannot heal your gut without balancing your blood sugar.

You cannot balance your blood sugar without balancing your stress levels.

You cannot balance your stress levels without balancing your minerals.

You have to start with baseline nourishment.

Then you address physical root cause.

That allows you to dig into the true root cause - stress!

THEN you can heal your hormones, increase your energy, and improve your activity.

This is how your Fuel Your Best Life.

4 Pillars of Growth


We start with restoring body safety through nutrition, hydration, sleep, and rest. The body first needs sufficient safety and nourishment before any further healing interventions can be productive.


We explore internal causes behind nagging symptoms, healing the gut and supporting the liver through targeted nutrition, digestion and detoxification support and looking at environmental factors.


Now that the body has sufficient nutrients and capacity, it's time to explore the true root cause of symptoms. This is the hard, necessary part of growth that involves stress management, adrenal and metabolic needs, nervous system support, and mindset work.


With all the other pieces in play, it's time to troubleshoot any nagging hormone and energy imbalances and bring activity goals into play.

Why Fuel Your Best Life is Different

After having my son, I went into a season of survival.

I ate when I had time.

I woke at 4:30 to workout before everyone needed me.

I chugged water all day but was never satisfied.

I had no family nearby and few social connections due to recently moving.

I felt like I was drowning every single day, and could not keep up with what society expected of me as a mother, as an athlete, as a woman.

It took me far too long to see what was happening in my body. Once I woke up to what was happening and saw the symptoms my body had been screaming at me (hair loss, deep bone fatigue, foggy brain function, gum recession and clenched teeth, always being cold, lack of drive to do my favorite activities, random outbursts of rage, lack of ability to gain muscle despite strength training, and more), I worked to make changes.

It took YEARS to figure it out. I had training in nutrition but nutrition alone wasn't enough. I had to eat enough to have the energy to heal my gut. I had to heal my gut so I could clear the fog and retrain my brain and reorient my nervous system toward safety. I had to reset my nervous system so that my stress response didn't trigger nutrient losses that led to hormone imbalances and iron issues. I had to fix the iron issues to have energy to fuel my favorite pastime and identity, running.

Fuel Your Best Life exists so you don't have to go through what I did. You don't have to spend years digging through diet noise and science and real, lived experience to figure out what actually works.

Here is where you will learn:

  • Why nourishment and self care are the first step
  • How the gut affects everything else in the body
  • How stress is the trigger for everything that goes wrong
  • How mindset is the thing that changes everything
  • What the body needs in order to have healthy hormones and enough iron/energy
  • How to revive, cultivate, and flourish, so you can bloom and then boldly chase the secret dream goal in your heart.

Here is where you learn to listen to your body.

How to confidently give it what it needs.

How to heal from the inside out so you can be done searching for the next thing that might give you some relief.

How to boldly speak your goals out loud and chase them with ease.

Are you tired of being tired?

Are you done with elimination diets and restrictive protocols and exhaustive workouts just to feel worse than you started? Or even in the exact same place with nothing to show for it?

Are you ready to stop suffering through your current symptoms and circumstances?

Are you ready to find and implement a path forward?

Are you tired of being tired and ready to take action but just need to know what the next right step is?

It's time to change the narrative.

It's time to shift your mindset away from fixing the problems you see in your body and onto feeling your best.

It's time to Fuel Your Best Life.

I see you. Because I've been there.

Before I had kids, I struggled with my body. I fought it as I chased race PRs and kept striving towards more goals and achievements to prove my body could do hard things.

After having kids, I chased dropping baby weight and getting back to where my fitness goals were before.

But if you're a mom, you know you can never go back to BEFORE. But you CAN get to a stronger, newer, more resilient you NOW. One you could never dream of before you became a mother. 

Program Details

This is a whole person healing program. You get every step of the process behind why things are the way they are now and where you need to go, so you can implement these ideas into your life in a way that supports the life YOU live and the body YOU have. This is the formula for true, lasting transformation.

Program content is self-paced. Modules are released one week at a time for the 12 weeks of the program because the order matters, but you also get lifetime access, meaning you can go through it at your own pace or revisit content as needed.

Functional Testing with analysis and custom protocols are available at a largely discounted rate exclusive to FYBL participants so you can customize the options you need in the timeline that works for you.

Testing options include:

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • GI MAP stool testing
  • DUTCH hormone & cortisol testing


Available in days
days after you enroll
  REVIVE: Body Safety
Available in days
days after you enroll
  REVIVE: Hydration
Available in days
days after you enroll
  REVIVE: Sleep & Rest
Available in days
days after you enroll
  CULTIVATE: Nutrition
Available in days
days after you enroll
  CULTIVATE: Gut Health
Available in days
days after you enroll
  CULTIVATE: Environment
Available in days
days after you enroll
  FLOURISH: Stress
Available in days
days after you enroll
  FLOURISH: Mindset
Available in days
days after you enroll
  FLOURISH: Thyroid, Adrenals, & Metabolism
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bloom: Hormone Health
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BLOOM: Energy
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BLOOM: Exercise & Movement
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Fuel Your Best Life
Available in days
days after you enroll


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no refunds.

Does this include testing?

Testing is not included but can be added at a discounted rate as a FYBL participant. This information is provided in the first module of the program and can be added to your curriculum at any time.

If you prefer testing and education on a specific component, check out the Revive, Cultivate, Flourish, and Bloom programs below.

If you want all the testing included, there is an option to bundle with the program in the payment options above.

Does this include coaching?

Coaching is not included. For individual coaching support, applications are available at stephaniedarbyrd.com.

How long do I have access to this program?

Modules are released one week at a time, but you get lifetime access, so you can revisit as needed.